About Ghi5

«Gründerhuset Hi5» is a startup community situated in Tønsberg, an hour’s drive south west of Oslo, Norway. Our mission is to facilitate startups and generate new growth companies. We are building a community for all those who are interested in contributing in any way to building the new innovative companies of tomorrow. We would love to have you on board if you are an entrepreneur, a founder, an investor, a seasoned businessman, or just “interested”.

We would like to hear from anyone who wants to apply to participate in our incubator with it’s office spaces and member’s programme, be a part of our specialist network, be a sponsor or a partner, or take part in our events.

Drop us an e-mail at marie@ghi5.no


Once upon a time a young man was on a field trip to Tel Aviv in Israel where he got to see how Israel works with incubators in order to propagate new export companies.

Some years later the local business forum on Nøtterøy decided that the local business community here needed a “green house” to promote new growth companies. The young man from the Israel trip – now considerably more grown up and mature – was given the task og realizing the dream. After looking at various different models – especially one in Aalborg in Denmark – a precursor to today’s hub was started in June 2011 in the form of a small incubator with room for five or six startups . Altogether 19 startups were part of this community in the course of a five year period.

Among the success stories from that period  are  Orage AS and Aventia AS.

Gründerhuset Hi5 was registered as a “not for profit” organisation in February 2016, and in May 2016 the mayors of Tønsberg and Nøtterøy opened Gründerhuset Hi5 for business.


Establishment of Ghi5

In February 2016 the three local councils of Tønsberg, Nøtterøy and Tjøme established «Gründerhuset Hi5» as a not for profit organization. In 2019 Gründerhuset Hi5 moved in to Rådhusgaten 1 to Tønsberg city. The hub has expanded. The incubator space is now larger, and we have the facilities to offer startup events and happenings of different kinds. We are aiming to build a startup community that everyone with any interest for startups and innovation will regard as an absolute «must».

We accept startup teams of all kinds. Our focus is on developing, growing and expanding the business.

Our board and staff

Gründerhuset Hi5 has a professional board led by Steven Foss (Fosstech AS) . Other board members are Eirik Sunde (Kaldnes AS) Hanna Kirsebom Aronsen (DNB), Petter Bordal (Lemon) and Trygve Egenes (Henriksen AS).

Marie Kobro Hanche-Olsen is the CEO (“daglig leder”) and is responsible for daily operations at Ghi5.


We work closely with the local business community, the University of South East Norway and with local sixth form colleges.

We are inspired by leading startup communities like Mesh Norway, Startup Lab and 657 Oslo. We have close relations with Innovation Norway and local startup initiatives such as Silicia Technology Incubator, Gründeriet in Sandefjord, CoLab Larvik, Veksthuset in Horten, Start i Vestfold and Gründernettverket.

High five!

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