«Gründerhuset Hi5» is a startup community and co working space situated in Tønsberg, an hour’s drive south west of Oslo, Norway. Our mission is to facilitate startups and generate new growth companies. We are building a community for all those who are interested in contributing in any way to building the new innovative companies of tomorrow. We would love to have you on board if you are an entrepreneur, a founder, an investor, a seasoned businessman, or just “interested”.

You can join our community for free by signing up for our newsletter. We would like to hear from anyone who wants to apply to participate in our incubator with it’s office spaces and member’s programme, be a part of our specialist network, be a sponsor or a partner, or take part in our events.


Gründerhuset Hi5 has been in the pipeline for a long time. It all started as an idea that our local business community needed a “green house” to promote new growth companies. Five years ago a precursor to today’s hub was started in the form of a small incubator with room for five or six startups . 18 startups have participated here in the course of these five years.
Among the success stories we can point out Orage AS and Aventia AS.

Throughout the five year project period «Gründerhuset” has been financed by a combination of public and private sector funding. This is still the case. Two banks – DNB and Sparebank 1 Nøtterøy-Tønsberg- as well as Wilhemsen Chemicals AS and Vinghøg AS have sponsored us all the way. Tønsberg and Nøtterøy council districts have been involved along with the local business community.


In February 2016 the three local councils of Tønsberg, Nøtterøy and Tjøme established «Gründerhuset Hi5» as a not for profit organization. Gründerhuset Hi5 moved in to Ramdalveien 2 on Nøtterøy. The hub has expanded. The incubator space is now larger, and we have the facilities to offer startup events and happenings of different kinds. We are aiming to build a startup community that everyone with any interest for startups and innovation will regard as an absolute «must».

“Gründerhuset Hi5» in it’s new form was launched on 14. May, and already we have a group of exciting startup companies in place. Among these are Digispace, EbokNorden, Exhibition Management, Trygg Om bord, World Wide Living, Moores Suites, Bikeplay, and Recogni.
We accept startup teams of all kinds. Our focus is on developing, growing and expanding the business.


Gründerhuset Hi5 has a professional board led by Kristian Lundkvist (Middelborg, Nordialog, NRC). Other board memebers are Daniel Døderlein (Auka), Hanna Kirsebom Aronsen (DNB), Ida Smith-Kielland (Hesnes), Thomas De Vries (Breakfast), Astrid Holwech (Tønsberg district council). Petter Bordal (Lemon) and Cicilie Gregoire (Nøtterøy District council) are deputies.
Jonathan Hall (Nøtterøy district council) and Trine Tenvik (Tønsberg district council) are the organisers and facilitators.


We work closely with the local business community and we are working on establishing partnerships with the local university college and others.

We are inspired by leading entrepreneurial communities like Mesh Norway, Startup Lab and 657 Oslo. We have close relations with Innovation Norway and local startup initiatives such as Sillicia Technology Incubator, Gründeriet in Sandefjord, CoLab, Start i Vestfold and Nettverksbanken.

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